Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quit Smoking

Almost all the people are dependent on nicotine at least once in his life makes a decision, it is a harmful habit to overcome, but Urge to smoke sick aspiration is stronger. Many smokers are well aware of how harmful it as a habit for him, so around. So why are not able to quit smoking? Is it possible to overcome these habits and the "last" cigarette will never be the "last"?

In order for that to stop smoking, to Have a motivation for this move. If you have not firmly decided for tobacco dependence exemption, and thus smoking is not perceived to be a problem and I can not help you. Smoking stimuli of different people for different things. For example, many people smoke for relaxation tool. You may wish to provoke: the case of the rest, in the bosom of nature, presence, presence in a bar with friends, taking alcohol. Let's take a pen and lets have drafted:
What do we do?
Feeling of relaxation;
Smoke breath - breath a pleasant feeling;
Smokers with a sense of community (in essence, this is the kind of thing).
Why I want to quit smoking?
Health care, to reduce the workload on the heart and lungs clean;
I want to have good skin and hair;
I want to reduce the risk of cancer and disease;
I want to get rid of remorse;
I do not want to have clothes and body odor of tobacco;
I want to have clean teeth;
I do not spend a lot of money on cigarettes.

Now compare the two to each other. The second and more important argument list is gathered, I really had a reason to smoke in order to solve. If the list is dominated by arguments, that is, smoking is not a problem for you. In the first period he constantly have the urge to smoke. Has to follow through on your desire to smoke and was freed from slavery. The urge to smoke is gradually weakened.

Discovered a cigarette substitute
Psychological dependence on cigarettes, so the push is not related, as far as the physiological. Organism used, the daily dose of nicotine, in its brief to the needs of developing the syndrome. Anger, may still smoked cigarettes. This would not happen, try the chewing gum or sweets. If you feel that this is not enough, a doctor - he will choose the treatment that is losing anxiety level and help to mobilize forces and mind.
Arms in support of the
Tell your friends, relatives and colleagues that have decided to quit smoking. It might have intensive contact with them, I decided to stop smoking. It might even be a psychiatrist, who can help you in selecting the proper strategy behavior in the future.
Manage emotions
If you think that nicotine helps in relaxation, stress the urgent need to find other means of removal: regular massage, nice music, yoga, tea.
Started waking up
Drinking alcohol increases the urge to smoke. The most common triggering mechanism longing for a cigarette. Some of the initial impulse for the smoker's morning coffee, tea or a temporary change. For those with a cigarette after dinner smoking usual, after dinner to find another job, for example, teeth cleaning, gum chewing.

Clean Up the House
Then throw in all the smoking ash-tray and lighter. Cleaned up the house, wash the curtains, rugs, carpets, cigarette smoke smell in the house was destroyed. If you do not do it, reminiscent of the smell of cigarettes continuously.

I throw
Many of abstinence can not stand up and start smoking again. Analyze why he turned back to cigarettes. Reservation to the day when they will stop.
More push
Jogging, football games have urge to smoke arises. Any movement will help to alleviate the syndrome, and at least temporarily forget cigarettes.
Forget the diet
To stop smoking and lose weight at the same time is a very difficult task, but if the menu did not manage to type in extra kilo. Try the daily food ration to diversify - you keep the weight.
The Make
Quitting will save money. Count how much spending on tobacco every day, every week, every month. Postpone the money and shop to buy a gift for yourself ran. 

Remember your health
Smoking reduces blood pressure and pulse frequency rejection. Any kind of approach in the fight against the most difficult task for a modern man, who lives in the ocean of stress and negative information. But everything is possible if you understand what is needed for victory harmful habits, for they all have to try our best.